Sunday, January 15, 2012

He Looked At Me Funny

I had friends in college who liked to fight. As in, liked to go to bars, get really drunk, and then look for an excuse to get in a fight. I never quite understood it until one night one of these people was pissed off and about to start fighting because, as the title says, "he looked at me funny."

What I've never understood is how these people think that such fights don't have a nontrivial chance of ending in tragedy. We're pretty fragile, really.

Kless and two female friends were walking on Chestnut Street near Fourth Street when he tried to hail a cab. The three had just left Lucy's Hat Shop Restaurant & Lounge, a few blocks away.

The cab's rooftop lights were on, signaling it was available, but there were passenagers inside and the taxi didn't stop. Police said Kless yelled "turn off your f-ing lights."

A Maroon Mazda with four men inside drove up behind the cab, as traffic likely slowed up for a brief moment, Evers said.

"We assume the people in the car feel he's yelling at them," said one investigator.