Wednesday, January 18, 2012

What's It For

Don't really know or even much care what the future of home sizes is. I have issues with mandated lot sizes and parking requirements and lots of regulations which limit the possibilities for dense development, but if people want big houses I don't really have any objection. (Nor do I have an objection to people wanting to live in non dense development, just object to stupid laws preventing such development).

But I've been puzzled by the McMansion phenomenon. What are they for? Obviously if you have a large family you might need some extra bedrooms, but otherwise, unless you entertain a lot...I don't know why you'd want a large house. I have a pretty big place, bigger than I need. A little extra space is desirable because I work from home, and a little more is desirable because I do entertain a reasonable amount, but even if I had 3 kids I'm not sure why I'd want 4500 sq. feet.