Thursday, January 26, 2012

Where Are All The People Going To Go

Had an idle thought about where "we" think population growth is going to go. Census hasn't (unless gastritis broke my internet) done a new projection based on 2010 data, but this .xls file (warning! .xls file!) tells us what they thought based on the 2000 data. Short version from eyeballing it is that they thought places that had been growing fast would continue to grow fast, with Nevada and Arizona more than doubling in population from 2000-2030.

Too lazy (right now) to see how the data is tracking projections, but just at a glance they're probably going to get one thing wrong: they project DC population will fall from 572K in 2000 to 433K in 2030. Could happen, I suppose, but they have the 2010 population at 601K and the 2011 estimated population at 617K...