Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Anything That Pisses Off Liberals

I remain a bit fascinated by how much suburban car culture is part of modern conservative identity politics. Contrary to widespread opinion I'm not trying to forceably relocate everybody to rabbit hutches in Manhattan (maybe Queens), but the degree to which urban existence seems to anger some people is fascinating to me. Obviously my view of this comes largely from the comments sections of various city newspaper sites, and I'm not suggesting this is something universal, but for some portion of the population the city just makes them MAD MAD MAD. I'm not sure why. I assume most of them can generally avoid the place. Maybe if the sports teams would move to the suburbs they'd stop caring. I'm really just not sure.

All for people living where they want to live. Personally I don't want to live anywhere I need a car (want, maybe, but not need), but don't care that others feel otherwise...