Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Each One Gets A Free Cadillac

I think it's important to understand what Mitt's saying here. He isn't saying fuck the poor. He's saying that the really poor actually have it really really good! The government basically gives them free cars and housing and medical care and food stamps they can use at the liquor store etc. The rest of you struggling to get by, you don't get anything. In fact, the really poor (and we know who they are) are taking your hard earned money.

Now there isn't nothing to this. As our social safety net is incredibly stingy, a lot of poor people don't get anything out of it. And they're pretty pissed off wondering why some other poor people are getting all the good stuff, as Mitt points out. I mean, if there's all this government generosity to the moochers and parasites out there, how come I don't get any of it? Well the truth is the safety net really sucks.