Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Gambling Our Way To Prosperity

I love the "trying to keep the riffraff out" provisions.

But to gamble at the $132.5 million casino, patrons must meet criteria set forth in an access plan that the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board approved in December. As the first of two "casino resorts" to open in the state, Valley Forge is required by law to have an access plan.

Gambling will be allowed by patrons of the Valley Forge Convention Center and its amenities, including restaurants, bars, and retail shops, who spend at least $10, stay at one of the center's two hotels, or use the spa.

Anyone attending a meeting, convention, or other event at the Convention Center could also gamble, as could those with dining and entertainment memberships there.

"We want to make sure the patrons know that we are a little different," Scheri said. "In order to get on the casino floor, there are some things they have to do."

Ah. You're "a little different."