Sunday, February 19, 2012

No Harm

Another apologia for the foreclosure fraud industry. Yes another "the deadbeats really deserved it so who cares" piece. This sentence is a marvel.

That can lead to confusion over who had the legal right to process the foreclosure. But it doesn’t mean the foreclosure itself was unwarranted.

It doesn't really matter if the person who takes the home has a right to it, as long as that naughty homeowner gets what they deserve. And this view is why we have the legal and economic disaster we have today.

The robosigning and related fraud happened for a reason. They fucked the whole system up. I keep reading articles about how post-settlement there's going to be a lot more foreclosures. I don't understand how this will be true unless they're just going to see the settlement as green-lighting the fraudulent practices going forward as well.