Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Car Elevators Are Pretty Cool

There's a building in Philly with automated ones. You park your car in the right spot and it whisks it away. Get in the people elevator and your car reappears for you when get to the ground floor.

The point is Mitt Romney is a really rich dude. I think that's relevant, I just don't think "look what he spends his money on" is, for the most part, relevant, or, frankly, from a purely mercenary approach, helpful.

He's a rich dude. I don't care if he spends his money on pork rinds or car elevators. He's rich.

On the twitter earlier Dave Weigel made a comparison between this and John Kerry windsurfing. That was dumb, as the windsurfing thing was dumb because... it was 'ZOMG JOHN KERRY WINDSURFING.' It isn't a rich guy sport, it isn't a non-manly sport, there is no established negative narrative about windsurfing. But... you know, John Kerry is...rich! That he's rich was a legitimate issue, but just what kind of countertops he buys really isn't.