Friday, March 16, 2012

The Other Grand Bargain

I know it will never happen, but I am waiting for the dozens of "I'm sorry world, for being such a fucking idiot" posts from all of the eventheliberals who for years imagined that a Grand Bargain could be struck with the anti-choice movement if only stupid liberal bloggers would be nicer to them. Or something. Basically the idea was that We Can All Agree that reducing abortion is a good thing, and so we should find common ground to do that and then put this whole issue behind us until the end of time. Maybe after a nice shared drinky with zombietipandronnie.

As stupid liberal bloggers have tried to explain for years, the anti-choice movement (not all anti-choicers, but the movement) is anti-female autonomy, anti-unapproved by them sex, and, yes, anti-sex without consequences, otherwise known as anti-contraception.

Boy us stupid liberal bloggers were sure crazy for suggesting that! Almost as dumb as when we said the Iraq war was a dumb idea! Stupid liberal bloggers. So stupid.

I'm sure that if there's a "compromise" budget of 1/5 revenue increase and 4/5 "entitlement cuts," then Republicans will never try to lower taxes on rich people again! Only stupid liberal bloggers would suggest otherwise.