Tuesday, May 01, 2012

You Had It Good

I do hope, and generally believe, that newspaper comments sections are not representative of public opinion in this country. Still I find distressing the number of non-self aware older people hating on the jobless younger people, imagining how tough they had it and how easy these things are for these spoiled pampered jobless indebted kids today. I'm not one to play the generational blame game, but once upon a time public universities were cheap. Now they are not. Working your way through college was actually possible, if difficult. Not anymore.

It isn't just on the cost side. When I was in college (tail end of this era), with modest typing skills and the ability to turn on a computer I could get full time summer temp jobs for $9/hr. That's $15.80 in today's money, about $2500 per month. I'm guessing most college kids aren't knocking back 16 bucks an hour on their summer jobs.