Thursday, June 28, 2012

Criminal Enterprises

Big banks have been fleecing their clients, their customers, federal governments, state governments... basically everybody... for several years.

Maybe we should give them some more free money?

It's also important to remember that banks are made of people. Fining the institutions isn't enough. Put people in jail. But when rich assholes are involved, it's newsworthy when somebody even suggests that.

When ordinary people break the law, they face charges, prosecution and punishment.

We need to know who knew what when, and criminal prosecutions should follow against those who broke the law.

The same should happen here.

The public who are paying the price for bankers' irresponsibility will expect nothing less ...

We need the strongest punishment, a change in regulation and a change in the culture of our banks.

Implicit is that these aren't ordinary people, they're extraordinary people.