Friday, June 29, 2012

Public Spaces

I've mentioned my mild anti-urban park bias here before - not an especially popular opinion - but perhaps I should rephrase it a bit in terms of being pro-public spaces, just public spaces of the kind we don't have all that many of in the US. Anyone who spends a bit of time in Yurp experiences the various plazas and piazzas, the major town squares. Unlike similar things which occasionally get built in the US, they're lively spaces, ringed by restaurants with outdoor dining and other retail establishments, and the interiors are often programmed with concerts, etc. A bit tourist trappy at times, at least the biggest ones in the bigger cities, but the locals generally aren't allergic to them either.

Happy for trees and things, happier for public places for people to do things people like to do, like strolling, eating, and drinking outside.