Sunday, June 10, 2012

Remember Those Glory Days When People On The Internets Weren't Mean To Joe Klein

Not gonna link to it, but Joe Klein has a piece in Time where he met a bunch of pissed off (mostly) aging Vets and has decided that if only there was mandatory national service for people younger than Joe Klein then we would return to those great days in this country when we had Teh Consensus which was when we all agreed and it was all the awesome because consensus.

I think this period of time was one particular nice weekend in 1957. Actually for those of us vaguely familiar with the history of the real world there was never any such thing. And for those of us lacking the narcissist gene, Teh Consensus is not actually a good state of affairs. People disagree about stuff. A healthy democracy requires people to disagree about stuff. That people who are paid to follow politics and write about it fail to understand that this is actually part of the foundation of the concept of democracy is quite incredible to me.