Saturday, June 16, 2012

Tom Friedman, The Musical!

I guess "Tommy" has already been used. Inspired somewhat by this, my long friendship with the man, and some suggests from the Twitter, here's what we have so far:

It's the tale of a wealthy white American who travels the world, blissfully unaware that all of the wiley foreigners who flatter his every thought and deed are just in it for the tips.

All dialogue for the "Tom Friedman" character will be taken from the collected writings and public utterances of Tom Friedman. We've got a massive opening number, Bollywood style, sung by every cab driver Tom Friedman has ever met and quoted. Potential opener title: The World is Flat (but the roads are bumpy).

Does Suck on This end the first act or open the second? So much to think about...

...a subplot can involve the rise and fall of General Growth Properties. Song title: The Pall On The Mall.