Monday, June 18, 2012

We'll Get It Right This Time!!!

They're evil and eye-rollingly stupid.
The head of the European Central Bank and other euro zone leaders worked on Saturday on a grand vision for the euro zone meant to reassure investors and allies that flaws in the currency union will be addressed quickly.

A small suggestion: maybe think about reassuring, you know, citizens? Voters? The unemployed?

I'm such a silly dirty fucking hippie.

And what's the vision involve??

In addition, the plan will push for countries to remove the regulations and layers of bureaucracy that inhibit competition, keep young people out of the work force or make it difficult to start a new business.

Clearly what should be the central focus of the central bank. Good thing we have that central bank independence so they can tell us what to do with impunity.

For years people have wondered...just what was that euro project all about? I think we're finding out. Getting rid of democracy.