Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Blaming The Poors Gets Old After Awhile

So let's blame the cripples!

Social Security Disability Insurance, however, pays people who can show that they are too mentally or physically impaired to remain in the labor force. In short, for many workers, SSDI creates a quasi-right not to work.

This paradox is getting expensive. SSDI spending has doubled as a percentage of gross domestic product in the last 25 years, according to the Congressional Budget Office. The program paid $128.9 billion to 8.3 million beneficiaries in fiscal 2011, about one-fifth of all Social Security spending. The average monthly benefit is $1,100, slightly less than the average Social Security retirement check, but after two years on SSDI, beneficiaries also get Medicare. Indeed, SSDI added $80 billion to the cost of Medicare in fiscal 2011

I actually agree that we should remove work disincentives from any of these programs, disincentives that are put in place because people are horrified by the idea that any who isn't a master of the universe who gets guvmint money has anything but a subsistence existence.

But Jeebus, Chucky, $1100 per month? PLUS MEDICARE? Moochers. Nobody wants the "quasi-right not to work" for $1100 per month plus maybe Medicare. We should give them benefits and let them find work.

Given the way our elites talk about how the moochers and parasites - even the disabled ones! - cost the government in health care, I'm not optimistic about what the discourse will be like when Obamacare starts providing subsidies to the moochers and parasites to buy health insurance. The poors don't pay any taxes! And we give them free money to buy health insurance!!!

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