Wednesday, July 18, 2012

No Reason, Really

The reality is that the patterns of most Americans reveals in consumer survey after survey that the overwhelming majority of people prefer to live in a house with a yard, drive a car to work and for shopping.

As such, it’s probably unrealistic to expect a mass migration to mass transit. The latest auto show in Detroit unveiled vehicles that have morphed into smartphones with four wheels and an ever-increasing fuel efficient engine. Even the least expensive cars today are smart, fun and sexy; why would anyone ever want to leave them?

Despite my personal preferences, I'm not one who thinks this is actually all that wrong, except maybe the why would you ever want to leave your four wheeled smart phone (!) bit, but when you're living not all that far from New York City where people are paying extreme prices for an entirely different living situation you should have some idea that there is actually a market for something else.

Still I suppose it's true that some version of the suburbs is what plenty of people want, though I expect some of those people would like a slightly less car-dependent version of the burbs which isn't available at affordable prices in many places.