Thursday, July 19, 2012


I like this aside in Pareene's Sorkin piece.

That’s what Sorkin thinks of basically every woman and every person under 50. He hates everything frivolous — “frivolous” is womanly things like gossip and fashion and television not created by Aaron Sorkin but explicitly not, say, sports — and McAvoy’s war on frivolity extends to what Jane Fonda’s network owner refers to as “human interest” material on, say, obesity. (Which is obviously, in our reality, a very real and complex problem, but whatever.)

I've come to like sports quite a bit more than I did when I was younger, but I am always struck by the number of sports fans (and, frankly, this could be generalized to lots of activities) who think that their incredibly time-consuming passion is not basically frivolous, and that their many many hours per week spent following sports is a Very Important Activity which should be distinguished from other frivolous things which aren't, such as sports involving ladies.

It's fun. You enjoy it. Great.