Friday, August 24, 2012

Mayor Tony

I'd vote for him if I lived there!

“I’m of a certain age, and you see things, and you think maybe you could help,” Danza said. “You say: ‘Let me fix the city. Let me run for Mayor.’”

Danza made the comments while mingling outside the premiere of the new Joseph Gordon-Levitt film “Premium Rush,” wearing an NYPD T-shirt with a sports jacket. Over the past few months, Danza has become a regular presence at movie premieres, theatre openings, and other media events, befriending celebrities and reporters.

The actor, a self-described “real user of mass transit” who took out his tattered MetroCard to prove it, explained some of his potential policies: “We need less cars,” he said.”I support the bike-share program. And rollerblades – I’m a skater. You can’t even take a cab from 50th to 70th street now. If it was up to me, I’d go for the congestion price,” he said, referring to Mayor Bloomberg’s proposal for charging city drivers more.

Cities do need fewer cars. I'm not really anti-car in the sense of wanting to have major sticks to discourage their use. Cars are useful things and even in urban hellholes many people want and basically need them. But they really are the enemy of good urban living.