Tuesday, August 07, 2012


What the hell is Pastor Gerson on about here.
This does not mean Romney should quote from the Book of Jarom in his convention speech. It is constitutionally improper for a president (or prospective president) to be sectarian. But it is constitutionally appropriate — and politically advisable for Romney — to tell his whole story, which is uninteresting without his faith. Romney needs to tether his character and values to an immovable stake. And he has every cause to praise the generosity of a country where no group need be an “out-group” forever.

I'm sure Pastor Gerson would have no trouble with standard Protestant "quotes" and references as that's, you know, not SECTARIAN. That stuff was in Bush's speeches all the time. But that Mormon stuff, that would be SECTARIAN. Not appropriate. Only Gerson-approved American Christian for the president passes the constitutional muster.