Monday, September 24, 2012

Is This True?

It's certainly possible it's true in some sense, in that there's no course of study actually called "civics" but it'd be nice if Edsall provided some judgment about whether this guy is just mainlining Limbaugh or if he has an actual point.

City and state officials, he went on,

eliminated civics from our curriculum. The students don’t know about civics, they don’t know about our history, our government, our constitution. Politicians say they are going to give people things for free to get elected. That is what’s happening in Pennsylvania, especially in Lehigh Valley.

Balzer added that “the white guys got pushed out” of Allentown and neighboring communities, in part by a wave of Hispanic immigration. Balzer, who joined the exodus to areas outside of Allentown, said he and others want to “get away from the whole erosion of the country.”