Friday, November 16, 2012


I'm sure they aren't meaning 2 to 3 Star Wars films per year, but it's an opportunity to repeat my (and I know it's only me) confusion at why movie studios haven't been experimenting with the serial model. We know that you can get some pretty high equality 13 episode TV seasons with decent budgets. 13*45 minutes = 585 minutes, or 5-6 1 hr. 45ish movies. Crank the per minute budget up some, and have the movie model be 3 movies per year. You'd save a bit on the actors and crew, the marketing would practically take care of itself as each installment would be an advertisement for the soon to be released next one, there could be some reuse of sets and effects, and there would be no cost of cranking up/winding down production.

Obviously this would only be appropriate for certain kinds of things, like a lesser known superhero or similar. Anyway, just surprised no one's trying it.