Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Taken Over By The Crazies

There was a long narrative about the Dem party pushed by a certain generation of "liberal" columnists (Joke Line, Kaus,etc.), about how all was good until it was taken over by the hippies and the blahs and the women's libbers with their crazy demands like equal rights and an end to segregation and no more stupid tragic wars. This was always just the bleating of people who just wanted Those Other People to shut the hell up and let the right people speak, but it was the dominant narrative of the Dem party for decades in the media.

I don't think the "crazies" of the GOP are any different, policywise, from the mainstream, they're just a bit more uncouth. They shriek instead of dogwhistle, say what they actually think instead of speaking in code.

Generation Limbaugh.