Monday, January 14, 2013

Celebrity And Privacy

I didn't see her speech and am not interested in commenting on the Jodie Foster issue specifically at the moment, but generally I do think there are different types of "celebrities." There are people who act in TV and movies and who, given the nature of the beast, are obligated to engage in some promotion and self-promotion to further those projects, but who otherwise don't really trade on their image (including fashion and gossip). They're actors. Fame comes with the territory, but fame isn't really their thing. They don't have their publicists using the tabloids and similar to keep their names out there, to be famous because they're famous. They want to work as actors and make money at it.

And then there are the people who do exploit the whole gossip-tabloid-fame-celebrity thing, who use every tool in their arsenal, including their personal lives, in order to promote themselves. There's nothing wrong with that, but they have made a choice which limits their claims to privacy.

So, yes, even famous actors deserve their privacy. Unless they decide they don't.