Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Fortunately There's A Solution For That

More austerity!

The euro zone jobless rate rose to a new high of 11.8 percent in November from 11.7 percent in October, Eurostat, the statistical agency of the European Union, reported from Luxembourg. Eurostat estimates that about 18.8 million in the euro zone were unemployed in November – 2 million more than a year earlier.


Eurostat said Spain, suffering from the collapse of a property bubble and struggling to cope with tough austerity measures, had the highest unemployment rate, at 26.6 percent. Greece, the beleaguered country where the sovereign debt crisis began, was next at 26.0 percent, according to September data. Austria, at 4.5 percent, tiny Luxembourg, at 5.1 percent, and Germany, at 5.4 percent, were the lowest.

The "tough austerity measures" are the direct cause of the problem. Give people free money. Problems solved.

It's 2013. This has been going on for the long time. The people in charge are determined to keep fucking things up as much as possible.