Thursday, January 17, 2013


I'm still dwelling on the fact that the Villagers shifted seamlessly from TEH DEFICIT WILL KILL US ALL to OH NO THE FISCAL CLIFF WILL KILLS US ALL and then right back again.

I really didn't ever get a handle on how their brains could so easily manage to function while processing these contradictory things. If more of them were advocating more spending now it wouldn't be such a contradiction. I don't think the long term deficit is a giant problem, and I certainly don't think there's much point in engaging in the impossible task of trying to tie the hands of a future Congress, but worrying about the future deficit isn't insane. What's nuts is recognizing, just for a moment, that contractionary policies are contractionary, and then forgetting about it 5 seconds later.

And, yes, this is the analysis of them as stupid actors. They could all just be evil, lying about deficit concerns in order to steal money from poor and middle class people in order to give it to rich people.