Friday, February 01, 2013


Obviously this is true of any time period to a great degree, but it really is impossible to explain to people just how nuts the political/media industrial complex was in the 90s if they weren't around or just not paying attention. It was a time when you could go on the teevee - night after night - and accuse the Clintons of literally anything and no one blinked. There were multiple investigations into whether Hillary Clinton had somebody killed. And all of this stuff wasn't just emanating from what we think of as right wing media, though that was on the rise, it was the New York Times and Washington Post and the major broadcast news companies.

So, yes, it's weird seeing Hillary Clinton being respected (some) by Republicans and generally being treated with respect. Times have changed.

I like Hillary Clinton. I worried a bit about some of the idiots she has surrounded herself with. But happy for her to run.