Sunday, March 10, 2013

Teevee advisory

Watched the first episodes of two new Brit dramas last night and thought they both looked promising, not hurt by casts full of familiar faces.

Auntie Beeb has Dancing on the Edge (trailer) with a surprise singing debut from a well-known actor whose own agent didn't know she could sing, as well as some great music and acting all around. Lovely sets.

ITV has Broadchurch with David Tennant (and Rory!), among others.

In other news, London had a warm, spring-like day, followed by the traditional rain, and now it's cold; the European Parliament wants to ban all porn in 'media', and George Osborn and David Cameron know exactly what they're doing, because Tories always want to put the working classes back in their place.

Meanwhile, if you really want a chiling insight into just how deeply and horribly neoliberal "pragmatism" has permeated our political culture, you should listen to Sam Seder's interview with Jonathan Alter on The Majority Report. Alter can't distinguish between taking an unpopular pledge that will hurt and kill millions of Americans and taking a pledge not to harm the country. This is an ideology that says defending good programs is wrong because, well, because.