Saturday, April 13, 2013

Always Some Extra Wrongness

As I always say, the internet faux "scandals" that people obsess about the most are the ones that are so obviously wrong that people like me enter full "SOMEBODY ON THE INTERNET IS WRONG" mode. A bunch of people with prominent media outlets who didn't cover a story started yelling at a bunch of other media outlets for not covering a story even though some of them did, and then somehow this is the fault of The Left, who of course covered the story when it first appeared two years ago.

It's a local story here, so there's been complete coverage of it, though there was a lot of time between the grand jury report and the now ongoing trial. But, yeah, local horrific inner city crime story. These types of things usually get big national play when America's Assignment Editor, Matt Drudge, brings them to the attention of our media.