Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Blue Or Orange?

The terse writer aims at getting to the heart of the matter, to drive the point home. The verbose writer is just enamored with her own voice, each additional word a tribute to her own ego and not an aid to communication.

Fonts matter, too, of course, as do colors. Some writers ornament their words with orange, an obvious sign of intellectual stagnation. Cooler colors, such as baby blue, or powder blue, or even light blue, communicate the kind of seriousness that a serious writer needs to convey.

A writer at the peak of his powers will limit himself to 140 characters, with perhaps one associated link. Invective is important, as is frequent if calculated use of profanity. An occasional appearance of cats is the true signal of genius, as are pictures of grilled crustaceans.

The road traveled by the powder blue, cat-obsessed, crustacean crunching, one-liner generating author is the path that all others must follow. The ridiculousness of everyone else is apparent, their lack of humility on display.