Wednesday, April 03, 2013


There are pedestrians who behave badly. I think crossing mid block or against a light is fine (do not do this in Los Angeles) as long as no driver is in any way affected by this (shouldn't have to slow if driving appropriate speed, shouldn't even have to think about whether they should slow). But pedestrians behaving aren't likely to hurt anyone else. Drivers...

One harrowing take-away from the report is that no area, it seems, can be entirely safe. Six percent of pedestrians were injured while on a sidewalk. Of those injured on the street, 44 percent used a crosswalk, with the signal, compared with 23 percent who crossed midblock and 9 percent who crossed against the signal. The remaining injuries resulted from a variety of less frequent circumstances, like pedestrians standing in the road while waiting to cross, traffic officers being struck while policing a street, and travelers being hit while getting into or out of a vehicle.