Monday, May 13, 2013

Guns Kill People

As BooMan says, how gun violence events in the urban hellhole are treated depends greatly on where they take place and who the victims are. There can be justification for this. "Drug dealers shooting each other" is a different story than "random person murdered in robbery attempt." But saying it's a different story is not the same thing as saying it shouldn't be a story at all. There was a young man killed around the corner from me not so long ago. I gathered it fell more in the "drug dealers killing each other"* category than the other one, but I really never knew for sure. I haven't noticed any follow up coverage since. I don't know if there were any arrests. I'm not saying there wasn't any coverage - there could have been and I just missed it - just saying that it certainly didn't become a big story.

*Not asserting that the victim was a drug dealer or anything else (no idea!). It was an early morning on street deliberate execution-style hit, suggesting he ran afoul of some bad people, but that doesn't mean the victim was involved in anything criminal/bad.