Monday, June 03, 2013


I get that the car service class - of which Dorothy Rabinowitz is likely a member - is distinct from the personal car class, which is why I specified "personal car." Though I do have a hard time seeing the benefits of relying on a car service unless it's of snap-your-fingers always available quality. As in, walk downstairs and your driver is waiting. Otherwise it's one extra step, one additional person/service to have to rely on.

It's important to emphasize "relying on" as opposed to just using, as I get that such things (and taxis) are quite useful at times. Still I generally just don't get wanting to live in Manhattan and wanting to live there from the perspective of the passenger seats, to be a Manhattanite and to not be a pedestrian and subway rider. Just feel like there are probably other places you'd enjoy more if that's the case.

...and, yes, as someone who has probably driven on average once per month for the past 10 years or so my driving skills have definitely declined. I'm a cautious and careful driver by nature, so I don't think I'm a road menace, but those driving instincts do fade.