Monday, June 10, 2013


I find the degree of hostility from our journalistic class (largely but not just cable news) to Edward Snowden to be fascinating. As much as I think the whole surveillance state/secret security state stuff is bullshit, even I get that some information shouldn't actually be published, such as leaks that really don't serve to inform the public of something they should know and are simply there to injure individuals or parties. If Glennzilla publishes some stuff like that it would be appropriate to direct the ire at him. But the hostility to a leaker from people who supposedly (if not really) spend their time attempting to get unknown and relevant information to the public is fascinating.

I guess my point is that I understood (whether or not I agreed) the hostility to wikileaks when they did a big data dump, but when they did the "responsible" thing and ran the info through "respectable" news outlets, there were objections to that, even from the recipients of the information who used it.

It seems that only the made men and women of Washington can be sources or the recipients of the information, no matter how relevant or responsible.