Thursday, July 25, 2013

It Ain't Your Marriage

One thing I find a bit weird in our DIVORCE IS EVIL CULTURE is how quick we are, as a culture, to think that a spouse sticking with cad of whatever type is somehow doing it wrong. I've seen people who I normally think are a bit better than this speculate about the crass careerist motivations of Huma Abedin because they must be the only reason she'd stick with him.

I don't know these people and don't much care about their private lives. Hate Weiner the politician and don't vote for him for all I care. But people get married for a reason. They stay together - or not - for reasons, and those are their reasons. There's generally no way to really know what goes on in the black box of other people's marriages - what they want, what they expect, what they put up with, and why. Unless there are clear signs of physical abuse in a relationship, it really isn't our place to reason why at all. For all we know Huma is as "horrible" as Weiner is by the rules of this particular game. I'm not speculating, just saying it's their thing. Not ours.

Not a defense of Weiner, just suggesting people stop trying to get inside his wife's head. It's her business.