Monday, July 22, 2013

Nobody Could Have Predicted

Obviously the people who signed off on this cunning plan all deserve giant medals.
KARACHI, Pakistan — Usman, who limps on a leg bowed by the polio he caught as a child, made sure that his first three children were protected from the disease, but he turned away vaccinators when his youngest was born.

He was furious that the Central Intelligence Agency, in its hunt for Osama bin Laden, had staged a fake vaccination campaign, and infuriated by American drone strikes, one of which, he said, had struck the son of a man he knew, blowing off his head. He had come to see the war on polio, the longest, most expensive disease eradication effort in history, as a Western plot.

I'm not sure I've seen this really spelled out often enough. Whatever the merits otherwise, there's no reason that the "fake vaccination campaign" couldn't have actually come with, you know, REAL FUCKING VACCINATIONS, along with the DNA tests. But they didn't administer the second and third doses.