Saturday, August 03, 2013

Orange Alert

The intercepts and a subsequent analysis of them by American intelligence agencies prompted the United States to issue an unusual global travel alert to American citizens on Friday, warning of the potential for terrorist attacks by operatives of Al Qaeda and their associates beginning Sunday through the end of August. 
The bulletin to travelers and expatriates, issued by the State Department, came less than a day after the department announced that it was closing nearly two dozen American diplomatic missions in the Middle East and North Africa, including facilities in Egypt, Iraq, Yemen, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. Britain said Friday that it would close its embassy in Yemen on Monday and Tuesday because of “increased security concerns.”
The timing is interesting.  The danger may be real, of course. Hard to know. But if anything happens to any American anywhere in the world in the next six weeks  they've been warned. And if nothing happens, look how well it works!
The bulletin by the State Department’s Bureau of Consular Affairs did not advise against travel to any particular country, but it warned Americans to be particularly mindful of their surroundings, especially in tourist areas, and recommended that they register their travel plans with the State Department.
I suppose it would be pretty funny if everyone intending international travel from now until 9/11 rang up "the State Department" on Monday.

And, of course, all the "officials" are unnamed for fear of revealing sources and methods.