Monday, September 09, 2013

Remembering When

Lost in the thousand year old blog history is the fact that political blogging really started with "warblogging." You know, random yahoos obsessing about blowing shit up in Afghanistan post-9/11, thinking it was somehow patriotic and productive. But left wing political blogging found its voice and audience when all the Very Serious People, including most of the supposedly lefty serious people, with actual mainstream news outlets were at best lukewarm on the war, but frequently totally for it. And not just eventhenewrepublic.

I don't know everything. I do know violence is bad, that violence tends to lead to more violence, and that our recent history of blowing people up in the name of good suggests that maybe we should do a bit less of that. No matter how awesome or well-intentioned the man in charge is, he isn't really in charge, not in the sense that he micromanages everything the military does or who the NSA is spying on at any particular moment.