Thursday, October 24, 2013


As I've said, I don't think that the clusterfuck means that Obamacare is doomed. I assume it'll be fixed eventually, and ultimately will be the least of the program's problems. But, you know, I knew people in HHS who assured me (awhile ago) that Sebelius was on top of implementation, that competent management was her key skill. I'm not throwing all the blame on her - what do I know - but the idea of competent management is something we're supposed to be about. We hated Bush for his policies, but also for his incompetent implementation for those polices. We hated the reverse Midas Touch, that he turned everything into shit.

Hopefully in the long run it won't matter, but there's a reason some of us expect our liberalism to be competent, especially when it's really just technocratic centrism advertised as liberalism.