Saturday, October 19, 2013

Is this true?

"Those economists on the left tend to think that the real big problem with American health care is adverse selection."

I don't think so, it sounds more like what "centrists" who listen to health insurance industry propaganda believe.

There is no real evidence of "adverse selection" and anyone who has really tried to look for such evidence knows it. The insurance industry claiming to have received an unlikely letter from one person who said she was cancelling her health insurance because, once it had paid for the birth of her child, she didn't need it anymore defies credibility.

As someone else once pointed out, the real reason people don't have health insurance is because they can't afford it. Especially when the insurance industry's willingness to actually pay up when you need it is in such doubt.

Create an affordable, reliable product, and people will take it. If you're whining because you can't overcharge people for something that doesn't work, that's a failure of your own business model and should not be anyone else's problem.