Wednesday, February 26, 2014

And Texas

Stayed, but it seems same sex marriage bans will eventually be toppled everywhere.

I used to write about gay rights issues way back in the early anonymous days of this blog, so much so that quite a few people thought I was gay. I didn't claim any deep insight or anything - I'm probably quite a bit more enlightened and understanding now - but it was important to me for various reasons.

I claim no credit for the activism and legal strategies which have gotten us to this better point, but I do hope in some small way I contributed to making support for gay rights a non-negotiable part of the liberal agenda. Whether due to pure political calculation (they won't vote for us if we support that!) or just lack of interest in the issue, in 2003 it wasn't the case that explicit support for gay rights was a given for all self-described liberals. Some straight people needed to get a clue.