Sunday, February 02, 2014

Nobody Goes There, It's Too Crowded

How PA decisions are made.

"I live in the Poconos, a pretty rural area, but I have a lot of friends in the surrounding area," McCall said during questioning of the Market8 panel. "One of the things they always say is they don't want to drive into the city because they worry about parking. They worry about city traffic."

"How do you get that person to come into Center City," he asked, "when really, they don't want to come into Center City?"

"Surrounding area."

I don't really care about the casino projects. From a certain perspective, the one I'd probably find most aesthetically hideous might be the best one (just stick it by the highway offramps by the stadiums so McCall's friends can drive there, which they won't, because there are other casinos in the "surrounding area" they can go to). But, basically, almost all public policy is directed towards the imagined desires of people who don't actually live in the city. How can we get people to come to the city???

1.5 million people live here.