Monday, March 03, 2014

Do Not Vote For Horrible Person Matt Miller

An opportunist, an idiot, and, of course, a horrible person.
In 1995, for instance, after a stint in the Clinton administration at the Office of Management and Budget, he chided the president he had just served - and then House Speaker Newt Gingrich - for budgets that he said were not daring enough on Social Security benefits - either in cutting costs or making more money available to the needy.

Most people on Social Security are "needy." You can't cut costs and help "the needy" simultaneously.
"I'm a Democrat who has been vulnerable to third-party temptation, but I am a proud Democrat," he told Newsweek.

Third-party temptation? The grifter shop Nolabels.

Iraq War? Awesome!!!
For instance, he backed the Iraq war but later apologized for it and said he didn't believe President Bush had willingly deceived the country.

Oh well. Bygones. He apologized!!!

Hundreds of thousands of dead appreciate the apology. Their families probably hang his picture in their living rooms.