Monday, April 07, 2014

Meddling Kids

I think mistermix gets this right.
Politics is such messy business for the principled conservative. Sometimes you must agree with the liberals. It’s a necessary evil, like mass transit or the tiniest social safety net imaginable. But, in order to keep calling yourself a “conservative”, you need to search under the couch cushions for your last Xanax and retire to a dark room with a cold compress as soon as liberals start exercising a wee bit of political power.

Marriage equality was supposed to be a "conservative" gay rights issue. And, yes, more lefty queer people (speaking generally) weren't initially thrilled with it becoming the central gay rights issue of our time. As homophobia is the last truly acceptable bigotry (deeply held sincere beliefs!!!), conservatives were never going to be on the correct side of that issue, no matter how many times Glenn Reynolds tells us that Dick Cheney was a gay marriage pioneer.