Monday, May 05, 2014

An Election About Nothing

I suppose the basic 2010 story is that of a wave of angry tea partiers and Dem voters just stayed home and there was nothing anybody could do. But in 2010 I couldn't have told anybody why they should vote for Democrats. I mean, sure, I could explain at length why team D is usually better than team R, etc. etc., but there was no message being put out there. It was like they didn't try.

Except for 2006, when they, you know, won, this is always the Dem approach to midterm elections. Don't make it a national campaign. Don't be too specific about policy. Make your election about biography and character. Don't spend any money until after Labor Day, then spend it all on teevee. Then they lose and it's all, well, our voters suck because they stayed home sucky voters, probably because of those negative Daily Kos diaries.

We'll see this year...