Wednesday, May 14, 2014

And How Would It Do That Then

Raise the retirement age. Cut benefits for people on the upper end (the only way this saves money is if you cut the benefits of people who don't make all that much money). And this:
Rubio wants to open up the federal Thrift Savings Plan -- which is available to members of Congress and their staff -- to people who don't have access to a retirement plan through their employers. Similar to a 401(k), the thrift plan lets workers contribute up to $17,500 of their pay annually before taxes in a retirement account. The thrift savings plan also comes with lower fees than what most consumers are charged through private defined-contribution plans, Rubio said.

"The twisted irony is that members of Congress – who are employees of the citizens of the United States – have access to a superior savings plan, while many of their employers – the American people – are often left with access to no plan at all," Rubio said during the speech.

Oh the twisted irony that a government plan is superior to private sector plans. Such twisted irony.

Anyway, opening up the TSP is fine, but it isn't going to help low income people because the problem for low income people is that they have low incomes.