Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Voters Matter More Than The WaPo Editorial Board

The elderly vote, and they like their benefits. That neither political party has been pandering to them, except in the weird negative way of promising to screw the youngs has been just bizarre to me. It's a mystery to me how people are paid lots of money to tell candidates not to promise to give the elderly more and better benefits. I don't want politicians to lie, but even if they don't want to increase benefits it seems like the perfect pander!
It’s true that many Democrats remain reluctant to embrace the proposal. But an increasing number of Dems — including Elizabeth Warren, Tom Harkin, Jeff Merkley and 70 members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus — believe it’s good politics to push for an expansion of a hugely popular program that has been central to the Democratic Party’s identity for many decades.

How could any sensible politician be "reluctant to embrace the proposal"?