Friday, June 06, 2014

Why Is This Important To You

Unless the Supremos squash it all, odds are same sex marriage, or at least recognition of same sex marriage, will be the law of the land everywhere.

Without being too forgiving, I get that people oppose same sex marriage. I get that they might not want their churches to bless it, or that when given the chance they vote against it. I'm not saying I like these people, but, fine, they oppose it. They can do that.

I've just never understood why significant numbers of people actually have intensity on this issue, that they will make sure to vote, and to donate, and to support politicians that have the "right" opinion on it.

I get the anti-choice folks more. I don't think they're very consistent and certainly don't think they should get their way, but, fine, if you really believe an embryo is a "person" I get that abortion might upset you. But the anti-gay rights issues? You care...because?