Saturday, June 28, 2014

Why We Can't Have Nice Things

A bus rapid transit project for Geary Boulevard has been in planning since the passage of a local ballot measure authorized funding in 2003, yet eleven years later construction hasn’t even begun as a handful of people in the neighborhood fought for years to preserve each and every parking space.

In Philly a the resumption of service on a reinstated trolley line was held up for a year, after all of the construction had been completed, because residents were upset to lose a dozen or so parking spots that had never been legal spots in the first place.

The parking issue is especially maddening in Philadelphia, because in most neighborhoods (there are exceptions) resident parking really isn't a problem unless you think always having an open space on your block is what you're entitled to. There's parking and if you live in a neighborhood you've figured out where to find it. Sure now and then you might have a bit of trouble, but it isn't a problem.