Saturday, July 12, 2014

Spaces, Spaces, Everywhere

Since it's one of my peculiar obsessions, I pay attention to how much parking is available when I wander around. And the answer in South Philly, in most places, at most times, is "a lot." There are generally 5 open spaces on my block, and it isn't exactly an obscure block. I'm pretty close to major commercial corridors. I'm even pretty close (10 minute walk) to cheesesteak land.

I get that people from the burbs don't know where to park, so if they travel too far from their intended destination they get a bit upset and nervous. But it's maddening that long time residents think parking is a major issue around here. It just isn't. Long time residents know where to park. They know the little alleys no one knows about where you can park. They know where the permit and permit-free zones are. They know about blocks like mine which usually do have available spots. Unless walking two blocks is a hardship (and it is, for some!), there's plenty of parking.